The 2016 CAR has arrived!!!!

The 2016 Conference Agenda Report is out for Fellowship discussion and decision.

This is our opportunity to participate in NA Unity with other groups and members from around the world in guiding our world services.

Its an exciting time to be clean and involved; we have a new book on our Traditions out for approval, a motion to reduce the number of world board members and several regional motions; including 2 from our region to discuss and decide upon.

We are in the beginning stages as a Fellowship of discussing the future of our world services due to our continued growth worldwide.

The World Board and WSO staff have made 4 videos (approx. 15 mins. each) explaining the info in the CAR and a video and power point regarding the Planning our Future discussion.

All the materials are available for viewing and download at: (http://www.na.org/?ID=conference-index)

Please pass along this information and it is our hope that you will watch the videos and read the CAR so that at our workshops in February we can answer specific questions and facilitate some good discussion about these ideas.

Dave T. Regional Delegate (858) 380-9345
Don S. Regional Delegate Alt. (619) 792-8542

The full CAR in PDF format can be downloaded HERE