Regional Subcommittee Meetings

REGIONAL SUBCOMMITTEES – Held at the RSO – 4689 Felton St. San Diego, CA 92116
Activities Subcommittee: 1st Wednesday 6:30pm
Board of Trustees: 1st Thursday 7:30pm
Convention Subcommittee: 3rd Sunday 6:30pm
H&I Subcommittee: 4th Thursday 6:30pm
NA Behind the Walls: 1st Monday 6:00pm
NA Youth Committee: 3rd Tuesday 7:00pm
Outreach Subcommittee: 1st Tuesday 7:30pm
Phoneline Orientation: 1st Sunday 11:00am
Phoneline Workgroup: 1st Sunday Noon
Policy Subcommittee: 1st Thursday 6:30pm
Public Information Subcommittee: 2nd Wednesday 6:30pm
Public Relations Subcommittee: 1st Monday 6:30pm
RSO Board of Directors: 1st & 3rd Saturday 10:30am
Regional Service Committee: 2nd Saturday 1:00pm
Website Workgroup: 2nd Saturday 10:30am