Phoneline Workgroup

Phoneline Workgroup

Phoneline Workgroup & PR Committee Meetings:

Next Phoneline Orientation: Sunday, June 4th, 2017 11AM-12PM @ RSO: Conducted by Sharky, Tuesday Coordinator.

Next Phoneline Workgroup Meeting: Sunday, June 4th, 2017 12PM-1PM @ RSO.

Next PR Committee Meeting: Monday, June 5th, 2017 630PM-730PM @ RSO.

Regional Service Office (RSO)

4689 Felton Street, Normal Heights, San Diego 92116 (619) 584-1007.

Phoneline Orientation:

First Sunday of the month – 11am-12pm (Unless Holiday-then 2nd Sunday of the month.)

Phoneline Workgroup Monthly Meeting:

First Sunday of the month – 12pm-1pm (Unless Holiday-then 2nd Sunday of the month.)


 Phone Line Status Daily Coordinator Reports, After Hour Volunteer # Calls & Spanish #’s:

       Daily Coordinators    8-10a 10-12p 12-2p 2-4p 4-6p 6-8p 8-10p    10p-8a


After Hour ®Volunteer
Sun: Justin


Need 2nd   Need 2nd    FULL Need 2nd Need 2nd   Need 2nd Need 2nd    4 Sun Steve 10p-8am
Mon: Geno


Need 2nd   Need 2nd Need 2nd Need 2nd  OPEN Need 2nd/®   Need 2nd    2 Mon Geno 10p-8am
Tues: Sharky


Need 2nd Need 2nd  Need 2nd Need 2nd  Need 2nd           FULL                       FULL          2 Tues Dutch 10p-8am
Wed: Joseph

Pam: Messages

Need 2nd Need 2nd Need 2nd Need 2nd  Need 2nd   Need 2nd Need 2nd    2 Wed Dutch 10p-8am
Thurs: Keeler


  Need 2nd     FULL    FULL Need 2nd  Need 2nd     FULL Need 2nd    4 Thurs Pam 10p-8am
Fri: John H.


    FULL Need 2nd    FULL Need 2nd  Need 2nd 


  Need 2nd OPEN//®   21 Fri John H 8p-8am
Sat: Larry     FULL   FULL   Need 2nd Need 2nd   FULL   Need 2nd Need 2nd   10 Sat Jonathan 10p-8am
Total: 49  F Full: 11 ® Full: 0 OPEN: 2 2nd RSO: 17 Need 2nd/®:          


Total Need 2nd’s: 36 Total After Hr Calls: 45   45 Spanish Mark & Maria   (8)

Open = Shift Open – Needs 2 volunteers (either at RSO or Remote)

Open/®  = Shift Open – Needs 2 volunteers (either at RSO or Remote) (Temporarily being answered ® by Over Night Hour Volunteer until filled).

F   = Full, Both shifts filled – No openings

®-F = Full, Both shifts filled remotely – No openings

2nd = Shift needs 1 more volunteer at RSO

2nd =  Needs 1 more volunteer either at RSO or Remotely, Currently Remotely Answered by 1 Volunteer.

Over Night After Hours = 10pm – 8am (1 volunteer  F = ®)   ***After Hours on Friday 8pm-8am – Need 8p-10p Volunteer

Please Consider Being of Phoneline Service @ RSO or Answer Remotely on Your Own Device 2 Hours/Week

NA Phoneline Service

To Become a Phoneline Volunteer you must:

  1. Have a minimum of six (6) months clean time.
  2. Have knowledge of the 12 Steps, and 12 Traditions of NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS.
  3. Be willing to commit to a two-hour phone shift either at Regional Service Office (RSO) or Remotely.
  4. Follow 12 Step call procedures.
  5. Attend 1 one hour orientation* and 2 follow up training sessions at RSO.

12 Step Volunteer Guidelines:

*          If you have one year or more clean time and the willingness to help others, you are invited to volunteer   for the 12 Step List.

*          The purpose of the 12 Step List is to carry the NA message to the addict who still suffers.

*          When an addict reaches out for more help we contact 12 Step Volunteers to extend the hand of recovery with a 12 Step “Call-back”.

*          This assures no addict need ever suffer alone.

*          The 12 Step list is not used to provide rides or make house calls.

*Please Call 619-584-1007 to speak to a phoneline volunteer for questions, or go to

NEW: See Minutes from “Phoneline Workgroup Meeting” on 05-07-2017 below:

Meeting Called to Order by: Annie Leader @ 12:07 PM.

  1. Opening Serenity Prayer: All Present.
  2. Service prayer:
  3. Attendance: (6) Annie, Mark, Paula, John H., Keeler, & Joseph. Absent Excused Voting Members: Justin, Sharky, Geno, & Larry. Visitors: Pam N., Johnny, & Peter.
  4. Establish a Quorum: (6/10) Voting Members (6) Majority (Yes) Quorum. (Annie-Tie vote)
  5. Our 5th Concept: For each responsibility assigned to the service structure, a single point of decision and accountability should be clearly defined.All Read/Discussed
  6. Online Schedule Coordinator Report Mark: 1) Please daily coordinators when making FV online changes – communicate all changes to Mark directly. 2) Some cell carriers unable to receive texts &/or e-mails (example: Joseph’s) – Pam N. volunteered to take Wednesday’s text messages. 3) FV has limited #’s of “filters”. 4) Daily coordinators – please contact each of remote volunteers to check if NA VM picks-up verses volunteers’ personal cell phone VM picks-up. 5) Color Grid presented-Coordinators gave corrections to Grid in their individual presentations below. Mark updated call forwarding changes during and after meeting.
  7. Phone Line Status Daily Coordinator Reports, After Hour Volunteer # Calls & Spanish #’s: See Above.
  8. PR Report: 04-03-2017 & 05-01-2017:

1) Log on, submit name/email to be included in NAWS “The Phone Line Basics Group” in order to give your input on how our phoneline workgroup guidelines work. NAWS developing NA basic phoneline guidelines. Okay to share our guidelines, to share what and how we are doing.

2) Remote Volunteers – include “role playing” during there (2) – (2) hours training sessions. Do remote volunteers need (2) – (2) hour office training sessions or can they be trained over the phone with their daily coordinators? Discussed including role-playing in regular orientation.

3) Jack is our new computer chair. John continued Web Servant. J

4) What defines a 12th step call? Tabled.

  1. Financial Report: Paula-Received Feb – Check $20.17. Paula-Receipts March-April (04-30-2017 Office Depot) Total: $6.99 owed Paula S. receipt given to Annie.
  2. Old Business:
  3. Tabled: Discussed eliminating 12th step call lists. Proposed instead that we will have our remote phoneline volunteers provide 12th step service when they receive a call. Define a 12th step call?                                                                                           * Previously Voted: To keep 12 step call lists for use with RSO landlines, update regularly. “Whom to keep regular upkeep of these lists?”

* Previously Voted: To eliminate use of 12 step call lists for all remote phoneline volunteers.

Decision made: Not to Give Out 12 Step Volunteer’s Personal Numbers to remote volunteers (anonymity). Remote volunteers to help meet the needs of the addict caller in need of 12step call themselves (or reach out to their Daily Coordinator, or personal NA network for help fielding call).

Since 4 of our daily coordinators were absent – Paula directed to e-mail (done 05-09-2017) each absent voting member of workgroup about eliminating 12 step call lists with needed voluntary action with either Yes or No:

Yes: to keep 12 step call lists – if Yes, would any voting member be willing to accept the commitment of updating these 12 step call lists regularly? This would entail contacting each one on lists at least a bi-annual basis and keep these lists updated, typed, copies, and added into 12step folder.

(5th Concept: Separate commitment – responsibility and accountability.)

No: not to keep 12 step call volunteer lists – if No, suggested to have “a member of the phoneline workgroup” volunteer or “ad hoc group of members” volunteer to contact each person on 12 step call list – “ask each if they would like to accept a 2 hour phoneline shift at RSO or a 2 hour remote shift”. Notify volunteer that we are eliminating the use of 12 step call lists.

(5th Concept: Separate commitment – responsibility and accountability.)

(Straw vote today: (3) Keep 12th step call list as they are useful to RSO based volunteers (no volunteer to accept responsibility for upkeep of these lists); (1) To eliminate (no volunteer accepted responsibility for contacting each member on 12 step call list that positions eliminated, offer to switch instead to phoneline volunteer 2 hour shift service); Keeler abstained. Leader Annie (Tie Vote) advocated for some decision to be made one way or the other so we can move forward as the “state of limbo” we are currently in is counterproductive.           

  1. Reviewed the “lingering issue with calls that come in going to remote volunteer’s personal voicemails rather than NA phone line voicemail”. *Daily coordinators – Please contact each of your remote volunteers to check if NA VM picks-up verses remote volunteers cell personal VM # pick-ups unanswered calls.
  2. Mark and Paula (ad hoc documents) to work on revisions reflecting new changes in “NA Phoneline Workgroup Guidelines” and “Orientation Phoneline Training Guidelines” both in progress: Waiting on vote 12 step call lists. Also pending: Online Coordinator duties & Remote Phoneline Services are better developed and established. To present to group proposed changes (as well as revisions of other Phoneline supportive documents) in the near future.
  3. New Business:                                                     
  4. Remote accepting “collect calls” – do charges go to remote volunteer’s cell phone or to NA phoneline. Mark to investigate collect call charges to ensure charges going onto FV NA phoneline. *05-08-2017 Mark followed-up with Freedom Voice (FV): “Collect Calls from Payphones” are NOT allowed to go through FV. They are blocked. (Thanks Mark.)
  5. Mark checked with FV Tech Support: YES: We could create a group that would ring the RSO desk phones AND a remote volunteer’s phone at the same time. Mark might want to test this on Monday with Geno and/or Justin (as they are currently having the phones ring first at the RSO then going to their cells).  This could/should eliminate having the caller hear 9-10 rings before voicemail comes on.)
  6. Johnny presented ideas and alterative means of orientation/re-orientation in-services with “groups of all phoneline volunteers” – role playing, and pizza.
  7. Vote to add our monthly minutes to Regional Info: Phoneline Workgroup On-line through Webservant with our status report. Keep all informed.
  8. Open Forum: None.
  9. Announcements:

Thank you Mark for May 2017 orientation! Welcome to our two new phone line volunteers-welcome Johnny and Peter!                                                                                                                                                1.      Monthly Orientation Scheduled Volunteers: July 9th – Geno; August 6th – John H.  

  1. Next Phoneline Orientation: Sunday, June 4th, 2017 11AM-12PM @ RSO: Sharky J
  2. Next Phoneline Workgroup Meeting: Sunday, June 4th, 2017 12-1PM @ RSO.
  3. Next PR Meeting: Monday, June 5th, 2017 6:30-7:30PM @ RSO
  4. Please Coordinator’s encourage your volunteers to read our meeting minutes monthly.
  5. Motion to Close Meeting Accepted at: 1:42PM.
  6. Circled up & closed meeting with the “We Version of Serenity Prayer”.  

05-09-2017 prs/sec